20km De Bruxelles

It was a hot evening so did not sleep the best. I awoke at 8am and had a quick shower to feel fresh for the run. The plan kicked in to effect and managed to get to the start for 9.30am which was my aim. The Metro was very busy so I decided to walk, it was not far. Just as got to the park it started to rain which was nice after a warm evening.

While waiting they played a range of classical music which built up to the Belgium National Anthem and then we were on our way. The level of security was noticeable, along the route there was police man/woman stood in every doorway, soldiers at every junction. Every junction with live traffic had a lorry or truck that blocked the junction from live traffic.

It started off cool, but then the sun came out and it started to warm up. It started getting muggy which was tough to run in. It was nice taking the bus tour the day before as I knew a lot of the sights which was really nice. The route also when though two road tunnels which was a odd experience. It was like running indoors with lots of others.

The 10k came around soon, the route also changed from being parks to more of tree lined avenues which were nice with the warm sun. There were lots of bands on the route to pick up spirits.

Is the last mile Arcades du Cinquantenaire came in to view, but it was a long up hill slog to get there.

Finally when round the fountains to the finish line. It was a nice relief  to finish my first 20km in another country. It was a really nice feelings will run another race in a European city.