Review of ten things for 2016

My ten things for 2016 are:

  1. Reconnect with old friend that I have not see in over a year. Visited Paul and Kev.
  2. Learn how to ski Learnt in Jan and Feb
  3. Get another qualification – Prince2
  4. Lead more E1’s – Failed this one
  5. Stay in a bothy – Failed this one
  6. Take more photos – Took more but going to change it to videos
  7. Visit family more – Visited Rebecca and Vicky more
  8. Visit 2 new countries – Visited Greece and Austria for the first time
  9. Be more stylish – binned old clothes and now got more stylish outfits
  10. Run 3 times a week – Ran every day in Sept, but need to work out more.