30days of being vegetarian – day 20

So over half way though now and I have found that my mindset has changed. Meat dishes are no longer a option, the half empty cup as become half full. Now looking at a pub menu I see what can have. Yes the options are limited but you know i pick the one i like best.

Set menus yes there is the token vegetarian item to tick the box. I found that Weatherspoon’s has by far the best choices. There are over 15 dishes that i could have, almost spoilt for choice. They also do something that I have not seen anywhere else, they offer vegetarian options for normal dishes.

Cheese and carbs are the norm now and can’t see this changing over the next 10+ days. Think the one thing that I expected was to eat more veg, that is totally not the case. I now eat more carbs and cheese then ever before. As deciding to do this for partial┬áhealth reasons it is hard to justify eating pasta and rich cheese at every meal.

Think I am going to try and eat some more salads over the next 10 days and see if I can reduce the cheese and carbs.