Lake land – day 1

Set off straight after work, did well for time and managed to get right past Birmingham and to the bottom of the lake district before I stopped for a rest. I could only manage half an hour kip before I wanted to get right in the lake land.

Finding Buttermere was not hard, well there is only one single track road there. after 8 miles of single track road and driving up hills in 1st gear, Buttermere appeared.

Skyes farm took a bit of finding, in the 6 houses that buttermere is made up of. but after ringing the doorbell of the farm house. I spoke to Mr Skyes who was very nice and showed me the way to head.

The camp site is at the bottom of the national trust car park, and after getting waved in the right direction by the car park attendant. My home for the week was found.

After having to carry everything over the footbridge I pitched the tent. I did the normal 1st time on the camp site tour of the toilets, water tap and wash up. With finding the best route to the toilets in the dark, after a couple of beers navigation challenge.

The only thing separating the pay and display car park is the gate, and about £4 extra for camping. But pitching the tent with day walker walking past you, you get the feeling that they wish they were there to see the sun set and the sunrise. For £4 extra I think it will be worth it.
The car park is busy, but hopefully come 6-7ish the day walkers will leave to allow us to settle in for the night.

Not walking to day but have checked out the route up to haystacks and will do that in the morning.

Decided to take a bit of a walk and headed up to Robinson, which is just behind the camp site only 1.5 miles away, but while walking the weather got worse and worse, till I was pretty wet and turned back. By the time I got back down the weather had cheered up and the sun was back out.

Popped into the Fish Inn, for a sneaky portion of chips. and a couple of pints. as the bangers and mash dinner did not turn out to well when the rain came down!

That is a bit of a draw back being in such a small tent, when it is sunny life is good, but when it rains you have to do everything in the small tent which is cozy.