Lake land – day 4

Today’s start was a early one, I was up showered and fed by 8.30am. I then had the short journey to honester slate mine. We got kitted up with the normal harness, and lanyards.

The course took up the side of fleetwith pike, to reach the top. It started out easy, but it got a lot harder quicker to the pint where it was a slight overhang. There were steel rods inserted in the rock to hold on to, which made it very easy to climb up and across.

In the middle we had the zip line, which we all took turns in flying across. Then we all carried on up to the top, reaching the end of the route. we then had a gradual walk to the top. After photos, we strolled back down to the mine.

After that I when in to town for the usual supplies, on returning to the camp site, I decided to go for a decent walk. I chose a route that took me round to Red Pike, then over to High Stile.

I decided to take my smaller bag with a little less kit as the weather was fine. Starting off I strolled along but soon hit scale beck where I headed up hill, This easy stroll soon turned out to be a full on climb.

Crossing the heather covered fields was easy going, and seemed too easy. Then hitting Lingcomb Edge, where it got a lot harder. The final half mile up to Red pike, seemed to be a final test to ensure that you are 100% you want to get to the top.

At the top the view was amazing, to the west you could see the sea, the horizon was full of mountains that with the help of my map, I could all name. A quick swigg of water and then on to the next peak.

Between Red Pike and High Stile was one big boulder field, with the odd rusty fence post that lead the way. There is only a 50 meter height difference between the two but most of the difference was gained by scrambeling on all fours. Just before getting to the top, I heard the sound of a helechoptor in the distance, as soon as I turned there was a Rescue hellecoptor right over the top of me and flew down if to Buttermere valley. I thought that was the last I would see of the bright yellow sea king.

I carry on walking towards High Stile, I then heard the hellecoptor again and it was even closer. I walked over to the far edge of the crag and the yellow seaking was there again, I then picked a seat to see what it was up to. It was flying round the edge of haystacks across the vally and then back down the side of High Stile. It did 4/5 loops. It was astounding to see a helecoptor from above. I was about 50 meters higher that it, and I was very close to the crags. (the photo does not do justice to how close I was). it kept hovering over the same part of the crag but it was not lowering or lifting.

I assumed it was a training session ane carried on walking. The route I chose took me to the end of High stile and down the end in to the valley below. As I got lower the fly overs carried on, I then saw them raising a stretcher from the crag to the helicopter and then it made its way off leaving the valley in silence once again. In total the sea king must of spent 30/40 min flying around. For that time I felt secure that if I fell then I would be only a couple of arm waves from rescue.

Normal walking resumed and I soon made my way back into the valley. The footpath then took me parallel to the lake and down into the woods. The bleak heather lands soon gave way to a lush green woodland, with streams running across the path. It was a great ending to a great & action packed walk.