First sub 20 min 5k

It was April 2014 when I was running a lot on treadmills that I realized that a sub 20min 5k was with in grasp. I was doing a lot of speed work then and with running regularly at that pace I managed a PB of 19mins 12 sec. That was on a treadmill, now I needed to do the same outdoors. At the start of 2015 it was my goal to run as many park runs as possible.

The first park run of 2015 was a new PB of 21.55 but then got another 4 PB’s, Slowly and steadily I was moving in to the 20mins and then down to 20mins 2 sec. I was now so close. This week I decided to just relax and run as hard as I could, I swapped out my trail shoes for my road pair.

On the day I was not on the first row but 3/4 rows back but was a lot more relaxed that normal. The start was good, felt strong on the zig zags over taking a couple of people. Glancing down at my watch I noticed that I was hitting a 6mins 20sec pace which was right on target. Needed to keep up that pace but getting round the back of the North lake my legs started to feel heavy and the sun was taking it’s toll on me.

I kept thinking lift you knees, long strides. Got to the final stretch and looked down at my watch, 18mins! All I can remember is thinking, keep going and it will be yours. Not the time to clock watch, just run hard.

Felt like I was getting slower and slower towards the line, crossing the line. That was it I felt I failed again. But looking down I had done it. 19mins 38 sec. 6 months of training had paid off.


Passed my SPA

I remember registering for my SPA so many years ago, not thinking how long it would take to achieve. This past weekend I passed my assessment. So pleased that I confidently passed. So with my ML and now SPA what is next. Next will be FUNdamentals course in a couple of weeks time, then I think the next step is CWLA in a couple of months time.



The Hoosiers in MK

Last night I when to see the The Hoosiers. I have been a fan since my Windsor days. They kicked off with Choices which is one of my fav songs and then followed with Unsung hero which I love. It was great to see them at a smaller gig. It was clear that most people did not know their newer album but I still sang along anyway lol