Day 17 – Sunday

This week has been pretty hard, I regained ketosis on thursday as a woke up with the metallic taste in my mouth. Since then energy levels have been up and down, one day good and the next I am shattered.

Today I treated myself to a nice steak from the butchers with some sweet potato chips and salad.

Day 5 – Tuesday

After the pain of yesterday, it was hard to get out of bed but when I was up the day got better and better.

Fruit of the forrest shake for breakfast which was yum. I was not longer hungry which was nice. I did not realise that lunch had come around at midday. Thai curry soup was for lunch which I always enjoy.

On the way home I had a banana shake which got be home nicely. For dinner I cooked stir fry chicken but swapped the noodles for slices of courgette. It was really nice and a great invention of mine.

Day 4 – Monday

So today was due to be the hardest and that was true. Woke up hungry had breakfast, a Mango shake, still hungry. Then soup for lunch, still hungry. Then lots of tea to make it to dinner.

Dinner was really nice today, Stir fried chicken with fennel seeds. It was really yummy and one for the future I think. I when for a bit of a bike ride to get out of the flat and found that my mind was off food for the first time today.

I got back in and remembered that I still had a shake to go, strawberry shake here I come. Strawberry is not my favourite flavour but nevermind I am still due it.

Here to hoping that things improve tomorrow and I don’t feel as bad as today.