January Snowdonia trip

To start a year of mountain walking off well, Heather and myself headed up to Snowdonia for a weekend. We drove up early on Saturday morning and got to Owgen Valley for 11am.

We was soon on the mountain side heading for Ilyn ldwal. When we got to the lake we took a left turn and scrambled up towards Lyln Bochlwyd. During the scramble the wind was very strong and when we reached the top it nearly lifted us off our feet.

The weather was closing in so took the path down to the YHA.

The next day we started again this time taking the same path up that we took down the day before. The weather was a lot better but still windy. We had a much better pace this time. We carried on up to Bwich Tryfan.

As soon as as we were over Bwich Tryfan the wind calmed down and we were able to make it down to the road easily.

Spring Running

Running in the spring evening is becoming really enjoyable. I normally head out for 6.30ish just as the sun is going down. After running for 50+ mins the sun sets which casts a deep red sunset.

Maybe its all the ash in the air that is causing the great weather and deep red sunsets. The mornings are so much nicer with out plaines flying over every 2 mins.

I have done lost of running this week, and picked up to doing 13 miles and then also done a 8 miles weighted run with 4kg on my back. I found this run so much harder and this felt hard all the way round. I also run a 5 miles quick run which I was getting down to 7.15 per mile which I need to aim for.