90 miles in 31 days

March has been a busy month, I have put loads of effort in to running. My goal of 20 miles a week has been kept and I will be extending this in the April too. My knees are stating to ache a little but a good diet has helped.

I am now regularly breaking the one hour barrier and running for that length of time has become easier. I have noticed that after running for a hour and a half I am not out of breath or panting. I feel a little dehydrated but my heart is not going ten to the dozen. My average heart rate is dropping and is now at 165bmp.

My mins per mile is getting easier to achieve. My last run I was aiming for 12 miles at 9 min miles. The first mile I did a 8.06 I tried to slow down but still hit a 8.19. I am aiming to increase my mileage first and then work on my pace.