Over the years we have looks at the Matterhorn several times. It became a bigger and bigger mountain, with every guide and report we read. This year we committed and decided to do it via the Hörnli Ridge. The Hörnli hut was easier to book we just had to stump up the £130 each but it is a very popular hut so it is expected.

The walk up to the hut was pretty simple with only a short approach from the cable car. This was the first time for 2 years we have had mechanical uplift so it was a nice break.

The hut was really nice and comfortable with nice food. It is more like a hotel that a hut. In the morning we had to wait for all the guides to leave but we were soon out the door. Over the next couple of hours we slowly over took most of the guided parties as we thing most of the clients were being dragged up by guides.

On the last section we crossed the first party out and half a hour later we topped out and had the summit to ourselves.

It was actually a pretty simple route compared to other routes we have done in previous years, but I thing we made it bigger in our minds.