Dent du Géant

Dent du Géant

During our stay in Courmayeur, we were eager to summit one last 4000-meter peak before the weather deteriorated. The Dent du Géant seemed like the perfect challenge, promising a full day of climbing that was conveniently accessible via cable car.

We embarked on our adventure early, catching the first cable car of the day to maximize our time on the mountain. By 8 AM, we were already trekking across the glacier. The tranquility of the morning was palpable, as we found ourselves alone on the glacier, a stark contrast to what awaited us at the rock route’s onset.

As we approached the start of the climb, we encountered a significant delay—a large group had gathered, presumably those who had spent the night at the nearby hut for an early start. Despite this, we quickly found our place in line, eager to begin our ascent.

The climb was slow at first due to the number of parties ahead of us. However, thanks to the abundant belay points and fixed gear on the route, we managed to ‘leapfrog’ past many slower groups. This strategic maneuvering paid off, and soon enough, we reached the summit. The reward was spectacular: we had the peak to ourselves, a serene moment to enjoy the breathtaking views that stretched out before us.

The descent was an adventure in itself, involving a lengthy abseil back to the ridge. This part of the journey was both exhilarating and a test of our endurance, but it was a fitting end to a remarkable day of climbing.

Reflecting on the day’s events, the Dent du Géant not only offered us a thrilling climb but also lessons in patience and persistence. This ascent remains a highlight of our time in the Alps, a testament to the spirit of adventure that drives all climbers in pursuit of their next peak.