North face of Ben Nevis

Tristian & me tackled the north face of Ben Nevis. We started out from the North Face car park and headed toward the SIS hut, but then took a detour up the slope towards Carn Beag Dearg. At about 800 meters we stopped to put on the crampons as the snow started to get deep.

We got up to Carn Beg Dearg and then started along the ridge towards Carn Dearg Meadhonach. The snow was ice capped and the wind was picking up.

With the light fading and darkness approaching we decided to head back.

Three Peaks again

Sunday evening met up with Tristian & Gordon at Pen-y-pass, in order to do the three peaks again. This time we are looking to do it twice over. So climbing each mountain twice wit in 48 hours.

We have set down a couple of rules so that we don’t push ourselfs too hard.

1. Driving time is a total of 10 hours in each 24 hours. So anytime we make up walking we can use to rest or sleep.

2. Total time walking should be under 28 hours in total.

We started off at 10am, after a quick breakfast in the cafe at pen-y-pass. Not the best food ever but warm and good enough to start walking on. We started on the pyg track, and up over the ridge under Crib Groch. The path has just be laid and is a nice flag stone path that breaks up in places, where a little scrambeling is required.

We made really good time and got to the summit within 1.5 hours, which cut 15 mins off out time back in May. After a quick photo, we turned around and then started back. We tried to get down in a hour, but we decided to take the miner path back down. It was a lot easier on the knees but the distance was longer. Getting down in 1 hour and 15 mins was a good time.

We jumped straight in the van and then started the three hour drive to the lakes. Just did a weather check and the lakes look clear and fine weather for this after noon.

SO far everybody says that the legs feel good and everybody seems happy with the walking time so far.

Check in soon!