Lake land – day 3

Awoke later today, “sod it” I thought, “what is the rush?” well I had no reason so had a lie in. Still nothing compared to a lie in at home. I made a little breakfast from the sausages & bacon that I got yesterday together with a couple of eggs. It was really tasty but in the process turned my frying pan black with the burning oil.

After a shower, I tried to scrub it clean but had to admit failure when the scouring pad became the same colour.

After Breakfast I noticed that a prime pitch closer to the stream was be vacated. So I sat in wait like a falcon waiting for it prey to become exposed. As soon as they packed up and drove out the car park. It was out with my tent pegs and dragging my inner tend down the slope to the prime location.

This pitch was great, stunning views to both the north and south, right next to the stream and flat, unlike the previous pitch that I had.

With getting this ‘better’ pitch I decided to stay another three nights till Saturday. As I am happy now with a flat pitch and I am feeling very chilled out here.

In the afternoon I drove in to Keswick to pick up some supplies also looked around the many outdoor shops. On my way back to butterdale, I popped into honister pass mine, to book the Via Ferrata course. It is a bit like the go ape courses but a lot higher and on rocks rather than trees. I have booked up for Thursday morning 9am, so I gotta be up early and there for 8.30am.

Early evening brings the normal sight around the site, people cooking dinner and then washing up. Tonight I used some fresh pasta that I bought in town, together with some four cheese sauce. It was one of the better dinners that I have made.

Just after dinner I cracked open some beers and sat down for some hard reading of my book, ‘risk’ by Dan Gardner. Even the sun came out to give the evening a bright finish.

Around 8.30pm the sun when in and the sky became overcast, with big dark clouds. The top of the hills in front have ascended in to the clouds. So I don’t think it will be long and there will be a down pour.

Tomorrow is supposed to bright and sunny in the morning with showers and thundery storms in the early evening. Depending on the weather depends on how much I do, but I have learnt that the weather here in the valley changes every ten minuet. At one of valley can be bright sun shine, and rain at the other. It is wonderful to see the difference in the two ends, clearly always better to be in the sunny end.