Lake land – day 2

Was tucked up in bed by 10.30pm with my book, and soon was sleep. During the night a thunderstorm hit, but the tent held up and was then awoken by the sun at around 7.30am.

I hit the shower, which is really basic, but enough to wash with. At least the shower was warm and glad of it. The camp site here only has one shower so I was lucky to get in it the first time around.

Breakfast comprised of a mug of coffee, a bowl of porrage and a bacon roll.

I headed off early towards haystacks, it has been over towering me here in the campsite since I got here yesterday morning.

The walk started off very smoothly along side of buttermere lake. The lake is very clear, and it would be hard on a hot day to resist jumping in, as the beaches look clear and have fine slate pebbles.

Once along the lake the path headed upwards, on a unforgiving assent. the path was mainly clear but points it broke up to find a field of boulders.

Getting closer to the top the walk turned in to more of a scramble which then took me right to the top of haystacks. With no one prominent feature, it was hard to tell you had made it. Haystacks comprises of several mounds with lakes dotted in between. I took the path along the top towards the quarry and then back down the other side.

Only when half way down the other side did I see the true extent of the size of haystacks, a towering crag over the path.

The path down was much more defined and was easy to trot down. Then it took me along the lake once again this time to the east of the lake. On getting to buttermere, I decided to pop in to the ice cream shop that the owners of the campsite runs. The ice cream was a well deserved treat after a long days walking.