Ten Things for 2018

My ten things for 2018 are:

  1. Reconnect with old friend that I have not see in over a year.
  2. Ski more
  3. Get another qualification
  4. Lead more E1’s
  5. Climb at 5 new crags
  6. Make more videos & take more photos
  7. Visit family more
  8. Visit 2 new countries
  9. Run more
  10. Keep up working out 3 times a week

2017 Years Goals Review

My ten things for 2017 were:

  1. Reconnect with old friend that I have not see in over a year. ( Caught up with Sarah H and Mickard)
  2. Ski red runs (now comfortably on reds and blacks)
  3. Get another qualification (failed this one
  4. Lead more E1’s (failed this one)
  5. Stay in a bothy (failed this one again)
  6. Make more videos ( I have done more videos and posts this year)
  7. Visit family more (Visit family a lot more that previous years)
  8. Visit 2 new countries (Brussels and Norway)
  9. Run more (Run more that the previous year, prior to injury)
  10. Work out 3 times a week (PT sessions with Alex have boosted this number up)


Rjkan Day 6

New years eve was a bit of a let down as no where in town was open. New Years day was spend on the sofa as everything was still closed and Alec was not well.

On the 2nd I drove up to Gaustablikk Ski centre. I hired some skis and headed out on to the piste for the day. I was going to slowly work up to the black runs but I took a long turn on the second run of the day and only released I when down the black route once at the bottom.

It was really good to be skiing again and felt confident on the piste. I did not fall once on piste which was really good, Bish’s sessions last year really helped. The snow was a decent depth and it was quite so the pistes kept in good condition all day.