Learning to Ski

This year one of my goals was to learn how to ski. For Christmas Mum and Dad gave me a voucher for skiing lessons. I took a day off work and booked in levels 1 & 2 lessons.

Parts 1 & 2 when well and actually got level 3 complete too. The next patch of lessons then were only levels 4 & 5. Again took a Wednesday off work and booked a morning session.

After the first 2 hours I completed 4 & 5 so now it was just adding a bit more style to my skiing. Towards the end I was skiing really well a lot further than my original expectations.

Climbing at Reading

This year I am aiming to climb more at other places that big rock. The routes at big rock are starting to bore me, the routes don’t flow and the grades are over the place.

The weather was due to be really bad so the others sacked off their weekend away, so Alec suggested we try Reading climbing centre. I was in Windsor so that worked for me.

Got to Reading at 11am which was good, when though the normal signup process and checking I know what I am doing. It is so clear that climbing walls really discouraging visitors for other walls. It seems odd that the national governing body awards SPA, CWA and others are transferable from site to site but there is no simian scheme for just wanting to climb.

Once started climbing I found myself very anxious about the first climb. It was quite odd, i think it was a different wall, different holds.

Over the next couple of climbs I settled down and found it easier and became more relaxed. Think this is one thing for me to work on this year.

By the end of the session i was nailing 6a’s and was climbing well.