Day 3 – Sunday

it is strange to wake up in my on bed on a sunday morning without a hang over. I was up early and had a Strawberry shake.  Strawberry has never been my favourite flavour and the CC shake was the same. Mango was a lot nicer.

I when for a bike ride this morning but found my energy levels were really low. Managed to cycle 11 miles over to Bow Brickhill woods and back. Lunch was a Mango shake but found myself hungry soon after.

I had a tomato soup for a snack at 4pm which still left me hungry.  Dinner soon came around, chicken with veg over cooked was on the menu.

Day 2 – Saturday

Saturday, normally my treat day when I binge of pancakes, pizza and take away food.

Woke up not feeling hungry which was strange because I was really hungry at about 10pm the evening before.  I started with a Banana milkshake which tasted like kids medicine, but was nice. I am finding that the portion sizes are a lot smaller. This is good as I know that portion sizing is a major problem of mine.

Lunch was a Leek and potato soup. I was really hungry by midday but held out till 12:30pm. The soup was nice but it tasted a bit powdery.

Tea is becoming my best friend, I am not having 7-8 cups a day, which is allowed as I need to drink 3/4 a pint a day. I have gone off coffee, but that might change in the week.

Dinner was an mushroom and ham omelette. Ham was a little cheat as it is not on the list of allowed foods but it was the last thing in my fridge that is not allowed so it is all gone now.


Day 1 – Friday

So day one is here, time to knuckle down and eat right.

For breakfast I had a Mango shake, it was small but really nice to drink. It filled me up nicely. Lunch was a Thai curry soup it was also nice, but was a but lumpy. I will need to improve my soup making. On the way home was a cranberry crunch bar which was night but i found that it did not fill me up straight away. 30mins later I was not hungry anymore.

Dinner was grilled chicken breast, courgettes and mushrooms. Bring on day 2.