The first trip of the year

We have spend every Thursday studying the weather so far this year with every week looking wet and windy. This week the weather turned and it was dry.

Adam and myself jumping in the car and headed up to the Peak District. A early start ensured that we were on the crag for 9.30am.

We decided to go to burbage north, easy walk in and plenty of easier climbs.

It was still really windy on the top of the crag but it felt good to get out in the outdoors with grit under our fingers.

Is the grass greener?

Its been two weeks now since I left Luminar after 14 years. I aways wondered if the grass is greener on the other side while at Luminar and now i know.

It my view yea the grass is greener. The first couple of weeks I feel that I have found my feet. It is strange after so long being the one that knows all the relationships and is the go to person, to start again and start learning again.

I have really enjoyed the challenge that my new job has bought me and I look forward to what it brings.