Saying goodbye to Paul

To day I had the worst reason for a reunion. I traveled down to bournemouth for Paul’s funeral. I met Tristian in Newbury and then drove down together. On arriving it suddenly struck me how many mutual friends we had. It was not only Bournemouth friends, but Portsmouth and Luminar ones.

The church was rammed with lots of friendly faces, after we all when back to Brix where we had a drink. The bar was rammed too. Only if Paul knew that he needed more bar staff on that day.


Lanzarote holiday

Back in September Denny and myself decided to get away for 10+ days as we both needed a holiday. It took ages to decided where to go and what to do but we settled on 11 nights in Lanzarote. We booked an all inclusive as it was cheap and easy and no hassles.

The resort was nice and very middle of the road, middle age. Nothing to offend or to annoy. It was nice to chill out. The days were sunny and warm but the evening were cool enough to wear a t-shirt but not enough to but the air con on.

On the third day of being away I got on the Facebook to see what the world was up to and found out that Paul Keynon has sadly took his own life. Facebook lit up with amazing comments and memories.