Peak district get away

Tristian and myself booked a two day trip away to the peak district. We camped at fieldhead camp site in edale which was a real treat to return back to this great campsite.

Tristian took his 6 man tent which housed the two of us nicely. It was nice to have a bit of room. After talking the Heather I am keen to get a similar size tent and to go away for a couple of weeks camping.

I would love a nice trip away camping either in the lake district or peak district.

We when for a long walk on the second day up to Kinder low across to Kinder downfall and then back to Edale. It was great to relax and walk at our own pace.

Hopefully I will be back in the Peak District soon.

Spring fitness is back

It’s been a long time since my last post but a lot has happened in the the last year. I have now moved back to MK and moved in with Heather.

We have just exchanged on the flat and we complete next friday. I can wait till the flat is mine.

I have decided on a health diet and also a good fitness plan, in order to reduce my belly. I want it gone for good. It will be hard but I really want it gone now.

I am now having a decent breakfast and healthy lunch and dinner, lots of fruit and water. I have given up the beers, the first time in a long time I have given up beer. I feel positive about my fitness this time.

I am doing a 6 min interval training session every morning to boost my metabolism and help the fat burning. I am also aiming to run 10k every Tuesday and Thursday. I will carry on running the 5k Park run every Saturday morning.

Will report back on progress soon.