First day in Cham

Lori picked me up at 9.30 am, I was ready for a full days walking after a beans on toast breakfast. We drove the short distance to the cable car that would take us from the valley floor to about 2200m.

We jumped in the cable car and rode it to the top, we were the only ones on the cable car, and it seemed like it was going to be a quite days walking. We soon got in our stride which Lori set. He was solovien and was a man of few words, even thought his English was broken we understood him. Even with the ability to speak fluent English he would not be a loud mouth. He explained that he does not like to compare himself to other guides that like to boast about what they do. We got the scene that he was better that we first expected.

We soon had the tor glacier and Albert premier hut out destination for the day insight. We got to the hut 2 hours after we started out. Life in a mountain hut is slow, nobody is in a rush and it take getting used to. There are cooked meals which are very welcome. I had a cheese omelet for lunch and a giant glass of water. After lunch we headed down on to the glacier for a crampon and ice axe training, it was brief bit covered everything we need to know. Lori said that we needed to walk with our legs wide and bent at the knee, which he related to a cowboy.

Dinner was a formal affair with places set and wine on the tables. Started was bean soup with cheese and croutons, main course was served in the same bowl as the soup was chicken in a creamy mustard sauce and mashed lentils. Dessert was tirmisu which all dispersed, very quickly.