Climbing and gym

Up early today, got my alpkit delivery. Yea at last my first bivi bag that I can use for sleeps on hills or mountains. Also got my new wide angle lens for my video camera. This will help when filming outdoors to get the full view. The camera lens built in is so tight, and can hardly see anything.

In the afternoon met Bonita and popped over to craggy. We had a good climbing session, even though I had only a couple of gym sessions, I can feel the difference in my upper body strength.

I impressed myself by doing a 6C climb! It was a easy one, with 4 massive big slab holds and a couple of smaller feet holds. I struggled the first time, but second time I did it. Granted it was more about the moves than the holds, and they were not the normal fingerer holds.

In the evening I when to the gym and did my bicep and latts set. It was easier this time and did nearly all the weights at full weight without dropping down a weight to finish the sets.

Now I can feel the difference I will get to the gym a bit more, and then I will feel the change even more!