20km De Bruxelles

It was a hot evening so did not sleep the best. I awoke at 8am and had a quick shower to feel fresh for the run. The plan kicked in to effect and managed to get to the start for 9.30am which was my aim. The Metro was very busy so I decided to walk, it was not far. Just as got to the park it started to rain which was nice after a warm evening.

While waiting they played a range of classical music which built up to the Belgium National Anthem and then we were on our way. The level of security was noticeable, along the route there was police man/woman stood in every doorway, soldiers at every junction. Every junction with live traffic had a lorry or truck that blocked the junction from live traffic.

It started off cool, but then the sun came out and it started to warm up. It started getting muggy which was tough to run in. It was nice taking the bus tour the day before as I knew a lot of the sights which was really nice. The route also when though two road tunnels which was a odd experience. It was like running indoors with lots of others.

The 10k came around soon, the route also changed from being parks to more of tree lined avenues which were nice with the warm sun. There were lots of bands on the route to pick up spirits.

Is the last mile Arcades du Cinquantenaire came in to view, but it was a long up hill slog to get there.

Finally when round the fountains to the finish line. It was a nice relief  to finish my first 20km in another country. It was a really nice feelings will run another race in a European city.

First sub 20 min 5k

It was April 2014 when I was running a lot on treadmills that I realized that a sub 20min 5k was with in grasp. I was doing a lot of speed work then and with running regularly at that pace I managed a PB of 19mins 12 sec. That was on a treadmill, now I needed to do the same outdoors. At the start of 2015 it was my goal to run as many park runs as possible.

The first park run of 2015 was a new PB of 21.55 but then got another 4 PB’s, Slowly and steadily I was moving in to the 20mins and then down to 20mins 2 sec. I was now so close. This week I decided to just relax and run as hard as I could, I swapped out my trail shoes for my road pair.

On the day I was not on the first row but 3/4 rows back but was a lot more relaxed that normal. The start was good, felt strong on the zig zags over taking a couple of people. Glancing down at my watch I noticed that I was hitting a 6mins 20sec pace which was right on target. Needed to keep up that pace but getting round the back of the North lake my legs started to feel heavy and the sun was taking it’s toll on me.

I kept thinking lift you knees, long strides. Got to the final stretch and looked down at my watch, 18mins! All I can remember is thinking, keep going and it will be yours. Not the time to clock watch, just run hard.

Felt like I was getting slower and slower towards the line, crossing the line. That was it I felt I failed again. But looking down I had done it. 19mins 38 sec. 6 months of training had paid off.


Boxing day running

After the bloat of Christmas day I got my running trainers back on and headed out for a 5 mile run. It was a cold by fine day but the wet weather was going to force me to run further than expected.

I took my normal route over to Willen Lake and after crossing poo bridge I found that I was blocked but the flood protection in full action with both sides overflowing and blocking my route. Doubling back I managed to get to Willen Hospice

Spring Running

Running in the spring evening is becoming really enjoyable. I normally head out for 6.30ish just as the sun is going down. After running for 50+ mins the sun sets which casts a deep red sunset.

Maybe its all the ash in the air that is causing the great weather and deep red sunsets. The mornings are so much nicer with out plaines flying over every 2 mins.

I have done lost of running this week, and picked up to doing 13 miles and then also done a 8 miles weighted run with 4kg on my back. I found this run so much harder and this felt hard all the way round. I also run a 5 miles quick run which I was getting down to 7.15 per mile which I need to aim for.

Mk Half Marathon

Heather and myself was on the way to the gym when we saw a sign for the MK half marathon. It was only the next day, was a going to let the opportunity of my home town half marathon go by. I had not trained for it but I was pretty sure I could run it.

I checked out the website and I could enter on the day. Thats it I was going to run it!

We got up at 8am on a Sunday, which is unheard of. We headed over to Bury Lawn school where we were met with hundreds of people also ready to run. After a quick entry form I was in the race.

I was a great race and I had loads of support from Heather and the rest of the family. Just after I finished the heavens opened up and the rain started. We had to get back to the car but soon I was home and legs resting.

Spring fitness is back

It’s been a long time since my last post but a lot has happened in the the last year. I have now moved back to MK and moved in with Heather.

We have just exchanged on the flat and we complete next friday. I can wait till the flat is mine.

I have decided on a health diet and also a good fitness plan, in order to reduce my belly. I want it gone for good. It will be hard but I really want it gone now.

I am now having a decent breakfast and healthy lunch and dinner, lots of fruit and water. I have given up the beers, the first time in a long time I have given up beer. I feel positive about my fitness this time.

I am doing a 6 min interval training session every morning to boost my metabolism and help the fat burning. I am also aiming to run 10k every Tuesday and Thursday. I will carry on running the 5k Park run every Saturday morning.

Will report back on progress soon.

First 5k park run

As soon as I heard about the 5k weekly park run I joined up. It is a free 5k run every Saturday morning at 9am. I joined up on line and got my barcode.

I was up at 8am and then at willen lake for 8.50am I was expecting a group of 20-30 guys but I found a 200 strong crowd ready for a race. The field was a massive range with myself in the top 30% which always feels good.

My time was 23:41 which is not my PB for the 5k but I will work on that.

The run had a really good vibe about it and I want to do it every week.

90 miles in 31 days

March has been a busy month, I have put loads of effort in to running. My goal of 20 miles a week has been kept and I will be extending this in the April too. My knees are stating to ache a little but a good diet has helped.

I am now regularly breaking the one hour barrier and running for that length of time has become easier. I have noticed that after running for a hour and a half I am not out of breath or panting. I feel a little dehydrated but my heart is not going ten to the dozen. My average heart rate is dropping and is now at 165bmp.

My mins per mile is getting easier to achieve. My last run I was aiming for 12 miles at 9 min miles. The first mile I did a 8.06 I tried to slow down but still hit a 8.19. I am aiming to increase my mileage first and then work on my pace.

Running picking up

I have been trying to pick up the running now. I am up to 25 miles a week. Broken down to a long 11-12 mile run, a medium 7-8 mile run and a shorter 5-6 mile run.

Training has bee fun as the shorter runs I have been running with Giles and Josh. The longer runs I have been running by myself so I can pick up the pace and just enjoy running.

I have been working on making my pace consistence. I am currently working at keeping my pace around 8.40 – 8.50 per mile. My last longer run, 9 miles I managed to keep this pace for most of the run.