30days of being vegetarian – day 5

While away in the Alps I was trying to the think of a good challenge for once I got back. I wanted something that would test myself control but was achievable, with listening to Elis and John and remembering that John was a vegetarian I thought that would be a good challenge.

I am now 5 days in and this is what I have found so far; the first thing I have noticed is that cheese is a big part. Pubs seem to love to make cheese based dishes, not just cheddar but stilton halloumi or other rich cheeses.

Fast food is also a bit of issue, McDonalds or KFC don’t have a massive vegetarian range so they are out the window. Also Tesco’s only have cheese and onion sandwiches and no salads without meat.

It is becoming more of a challenge as I go on my I am enjoying it so far.

10 Goals for 2013

1. Do at lease two mountain days a month.
2. Climb at least one new mountain a month.
3. Build upper body strength.
4. Loose inches from my waist
5. Visit two new countries.
6. Go wild camping
7. Get a qualification
8. Sub 20min 5k
9. Sun 1hr 30 Half Marathon
10. Do a long distance walk.

10 things for 2012 – update

1. One mountain day every month – Win, 14 mountain days
2. Don’t eat crap food – Win I cut the crap from my diet
3. Climb more – Win, I climbed more from Aug onwards
4. Build up my body strength – it was late but did a bit
5. Drink a litre of water a day – partial win, a drink more water now
6. Visit two new country’s – Fail!
7. Go wild camping – Fail!
8. Eat no sweets – partial win, a lot less sweets
9. Get a qualification – Rec 2 qualification